Culloden NV Shiraz Cuvee -

The Culloden Sparkling range acknowledges the McLeish history that goes back to homeland Scotland. To immortalize the sacrifices of blood at Culloden- April 16th 1746, the result of the last great clash of arms on British soil in which the 5,000 strong Jacobite army of Bonnie Prince Charlie were mercilessly cut to pieces by the overwhelming fire power of the 9,000 Hanovarian troops led by the Duke of Cumberland.

Culloden NV Shiraz Cuvee- Methode Champenoise

This wine is fresh and vibrant the wine is deep plum red in colour. The rich fruity aroma has hints of Lavender and more floral elements in addition to some smoky oak.

With a relatively low sugar dosage for sparkling red this wine has an abundance of berry and fruit characters on the front palate. This gives the initial impression of sweetness followed by berry and stewed fruit fill the mid palate. The wine finishes with some leathery tannins and a touch of pepper to balance the initial sweetness sensation. The balance of acid and tannins are soft but give a dry finish which lingers. The generosity of flavours makes this an easy drinking sparkling red.