Vintage Changes & Challenges – the craft of quality wines

It’s the most exciting time of year for winemakers; seeing a long year of work culminate in grapes being snipped from the McLeish Estate vines as we start on our 34th vintage. Hand-harvesting is now underway, with our hard working pickers starting at daybreak to select the highest quality grapes from the canopy. This is […]

First Week of Vintage 2018

Vintage started this week with the first berries being harvest on the 16th of January. It is one of the earliest and driest seasons we have seen in the past two decades. The last of the rain fell in early spring providing great soil moisture and since then we have relied on our irrigation system […]

Vintage 2018 – Pre harvest Report

With picking starting on January 16th with our estate Chardonnay, the McLeish vineyard team are experiencing one of the earliest vintages they have ever seen. The lead up has been busy, testing the grapes and maintaining the vineyards in anticipation for the kick off to Vintage 2018!   The growing season for the 2018 vintage followed a […]