Wine & Chocolate

Wine & Chocolate -

Wine and chocolate are two of life’s greatest indulgences. This easter long weekend take note of our suggested pairings to create the most irresistible flavor combinations.

The key to the perfect match is to pair similar intensities. Less intense flavoured chocolate pairs perfectly with light bodied wines. Whereas intense bittersweet flavours pair perfectly with more full bodied red wines. The key is starting with a chocolate with over 50% cocoa content and matching the general fruit flavours of the wine to a complementary chocolate flavour.

It is also important to find the perfect sweet spot, as the wine should always be sweeter than the chocolate it is paired with. The sweetness in the wine will balance out the cocoa butter flavours in white chocolate, while riper, fruit forward reds will pair beautifully with the more bitter cocoa flavours in dark chocolate.

For white chocolate McLeish recommend the Auld Killie Semillon or the ‘Jessica’s Botrytis Semillon 2023. As white chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar and milk (not technically chocolate) it is infinitely sweeter therefore sweet wines will cleanse the palate of rich flavors.

Milk chocolate has the balance of cacoa with sweeter, creamier flavours of brown sugar, vanilla and cream. This style of chocolate is ideal with light/medium bodied, low alcohol and fruiter reds. The Reserve Merlot 2017 would be ideal as it is medium bodied with ripe red fruit flavours.

A delicious Reserve Shiraz 2018 or Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 is the ideal pairing with bittersweet/dark chocolate that are 70%-100% cacao, with intense bitter flavours and earthy fruity undertones. Pair intensity of bolder, denser, medium / full bodied fruit forward reds.

The essence of making the most delicious wine and chocolate pairing is to select wines that display velvety, silky and juicy, tannin and flavour structure, that are able to create harmony with the intensity of the chocolate.

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