Our Environment Our Future

Our Environment Our Future -

At McLeish Estate we are committed to caring for our environment and managing our business in an environmentally sustainable way. Owner Robert McLeish has a passion for and commitment to this cause and the required knowledge to implement sustainable practices across the board from maintaining water quality, energy efficiency, habitat retention and revegetation.

These sustainable practices are at the forefront of all planning and development and day to day running of the Estate. Some of the initiatives undertaken on the Estate to demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability are

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy saving lights and timer switches are fitted where appropriate.
  • Seek out possible suppliers who have the same environmental standards and policies as McLeish Estate

    Chemical Usage

  • Specific grape varieties chosen that are disease and mildew resistant are chosen to reduce the need for fungicides and other chemical use.
  • The site and slopes for vineyards have been carefully selected to allow maximum run-off, sunlight and wind into vines and other parameters which reduce the need for chemical use.
  • Organically certified fertilisers and foliage sprays are used where possible which aim at increasing plant health to reduce need for chemicals.

    Habitat Protection

  • A revegetation program that sees yearly tree planting either side of the creek traversing the property to provide a wildlife corridor and habitat.
  • The dams have been stocked with native fish.

Noise pollution

  • Kites and netting, are used to protect the crop from birds rather than using ‘bird fright’ from shotguns.

Water Quality

  • Irrigation of the vines is via a dripper system which eliminates water wastage.
  • Waste water from the on-site effluent treatment system is recycled for irrigation purposes.
  • Grass between vine rows is allowed to grow long before slashing so it can be slashed on to the rows for mulch reducing evaporation and the need for irrigation from dams.


By Jessica McLeish

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