34th Vintage at McLeish Estate

34th Vintage at McLeish Estate -

We know it’s a big call, but the white varietals of the McLeish Estate 34th vintage are among the best grapes we have produced in the last few years.


With much of eastern Australia currently experiencing an ongoing drought, our irrigation system was put to good use. Just 16mls of rain was recorded in the area in July and August last year, well below the average of 60mls, and New South Wales experienced its driest winter since 2002. While the rainfall picked up through spring, the start of the season threatened very dry soil, which is not ideal for harvesting a large yield.


Without irrigation both the quantity and size of the grapes would be severely reduced, causing lower levels of juice and a very intense flavour. Thankfully our system allows us to provide sorely needed water to our vines when Mother Nature doesn’t comply.


As a result, our Semillon and Chardonnay are simply outstanding, presenting a clean and fresh taste with a lovely citrus flavour which is completely in line with the quality produced in 2017 and 2018. Our reds are already showing a wonderful concentration of flavours and fruit sweetness. Now in the barrel, we’re very keen to see how they mature over the year.


Our 34th vintage is well on it’s way to producing some fantastic wines. Keep an eye on our website (mcleishestatewines.com.au) as well as McLeish Estate Wines on Facebook for further updates.