2015 Chardonnay


The McLEISH ESTATE Chardonnay, planted in 1985 embodies the regions powerful fruit quality. With complexity and balance, it encapsulates a vibrant stone fruit character with an elegant use of oak making it a seamless wine.

Tasting Notes

Pale quartz green in colour. The McLeish Estate Chardonnay displays a super fragrant and complex necturin, pear and zesty citrus aroma with swirl through notes of cashew. While the palate delivers a luscious mix of white peach, cashew, honey nuances with melon fruit overtones on the palate, producing a powerful fruit driven quality with notes of spicy oak and extreme length thanks to the mineral acidity.


McLeish Estate’s 30th Vintage began on the 27th of January with the first of the Chardonnay being hand harvested. The lead up to the first day of vintage continued to be warm with the hottest day on the 17th of January reaching 35.6 degrees. The week prior to the 27th start date brought with it torrential rainfall with 115.4mm falling over a 12 day period. Our method of hand harvested has proven to be an advantage as we become selective with the grapes and source only the best to go to the cellar master.


McLeish Estate vineyards are in Australia’s oldest wine growing region; the Hunter Valley, planted in 1985. Our Chardonnay is hand harvested from vines grown in friable red duplex loam soil– Fruit thinning was carried out on the single vineyard to consistently producing the purest and brightest signatures of Hunter Chardonnay

Cuisine: White Meats, Seafood’s and Asian Style Dining.

Cellaring: 3 to 8 Years

Alcohol: 13%