The Wines of Christmas

The Wines of Christmas -

The Wines of Christmas


This is a month filled with spending time gathering with family and friends and enjoy lots of great traditions. McLeish have a wine for every moment of the festive season.


Decorating the Christmas tree

It is time to make your home sparkle with lights, the tree, tinsel and festive baubles. The start of the festive month deserves to be celebrated with a delicious glass of Cellar Reserve Semillon 2013. Put on the Christmas music (Bublé, Mariah…) and enjoy the start of this festive season.


Wrapping presents

Whether you’re wrapping one present or 20 presents, this is the time to put on your favourite Christmas music and enjoy a wine that is a bit Christmassy. The Dwyer Rosé is a traditional Provincial French style Rosé It makes wrapping that much more fun.


Baking Christmas treats.

The house smells of warm pastry and the next tray of shortbread has just been put in the oven. The house is alive with Christmas cheer. The baking is made that much better with a glass of McLeish Verdelho with zesty acid and sweet tropical fruit flavours. Perfect partner to a warm shortbread.


Watching your favourite festive film

Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf? It is time to relax with a glass of something soft and easy drinking. The Tri Moir is produced from old vines giving an aromatic wine, with deep red fruits and silky texture. This is a wine perfectly suited to the occasion.


Christmas Eve

It was the night before Christmas. The table is set and preparations are complete, it is time to relax and enjoy the Carols by Candlelight with a glass of something textural and complex. The Reserve Chardonnay 2016 with white peach, brioche and cream will satisfy the occasion.


Christmas Day Breakfast

Nothing says Christmas celebrations like a glass of sparkling and an equally luxurious breakfast of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs or even bacon & eggs, it will be the perfect partner to our NV Duke Cuvee, with a fine moose and delicate white peach, stone fruit flavours this is the perfect way to start the day.


With the Turkey

The centre piece to the Christmas day lunch is the turkey with all the trimmings (cranberry and delicious stuffing). A premium bottle of McLeish Cabernet Sauvignon will be the perfect accompaniment.


With the Christmas Pudding

The festive breakfast and lunch is complete, but there is always room for pudding. The luscious liquid gold ‘Jessica’s’ Botrytis Semillon has been produced since 1997 and the result is an elegant wine that has passionfruit, pineapple and honey flavours. The perfect pairing for the pudding.


Boxing Day

It is time to put the cricket on and relax. No doubt a lunch of leftover turkey and seafood, so you need a refreshing wine to enjoy all day long. The McLeish Semillon crisp and light, the perfect wine for the rest of the relaxing day ahead.